Districts of Bangladesh

Districts amalgamated are nothing but a quite essential administrative stratum of the Bangladeshi administrative, organizational system. (Corresponding to the power balance of a district). A district is under the jurisdiction of a division. In 1772, the governor-general of the British East India Company to India, Warren Hastings, made the first effort to introduce the modern […]

Thakurgaon District

Thakurgaon is a district located on the north-western part of Bangladesh under the jurisdiction of Rangpur division. The district lies in between 25°40′ and 26°12′ north latitudes and in between 88°05′ and 88°39′ east longitudes. Thakurgaon is bounded by Panchagarh district on the north, Panchagarh and Dinajpur districts on the east, West Bengal of India on […]

Sylhet District

Sylhet, initially named as Srihatta, is also known as Jalalabad. The district is the divisional capital of the Sylhet division in the north-eastern territory of Bangladesh. Sylhet District is consist of about 3490.40 sq km area which is situated in between 24°36′ and 25°11′ north latitudes and in between 91°38′ and 92°30′ east longitudes. Total […]

Sunamganj District

Sunamganj, naturally blessed and culturally enriched, is a beautiful district of northern Bangladesh. The name ‘Sunamganj’ is after the name of the founder of the district Sipahi Sunamuddin. Sipahi Sunamuddin established a bazaar which later named as ‘Sunamganj’ on the bank of the river Surma. Sunamganj District is located in between 24°34′ and 25°12′ north […]

Sirajganj District

Sirajganj is one of the significant districts of Rajshahi division which is known for various purposes and economic importance. This district covers an area of 2,497.92 square kilometers along with the latitude and longitude coordinates of 24.33°N and 89.62°E.There are 32,20,814 people (according to the census of 2011) living in this district with the typical […]

Shariatpur District

Shariatpur district, the prestigious land renowned for Casa(Zinc ingredient)-brass and pottery industry is a district blessed with the incredibly magical river  (in both senses)“Kirtinasha” possessing 1181 square kilometres of territory and a population of 10.80 lakh with a male-female ratio chronologically 101:100. (2011 population consensus). Surprisingly Shariatpur never ceases to amaze! Opposing the notoriety and […]

Rangpur District

Rangpur is a district in the north-western part of Bangladesh under the jurisdiction of Rangpur division. The district lies between 25°18′ and 25°57′ north latitudes and in between 88°56′ and 89°32′ east longitudes. The district is bounded by Nilphamari and Lalmonirhat districts on the north, Gaibandha district on the south, Kurigram district on the east and Dinajpur district […]