Pabna District

Pabna, situated on the north bank of Padma River, is one of the most significant and economically important districts of Rajshahi in Bangladesh. Along with the latitude and longitude coordinates of 24.0129°N and 89.259°E, this district covers an area of about 2,371.50 square kilometers and has almost 22,60,540 people (according to the census of 2011) […]

Noakhali District

Noakhali, one of the coastal district of Bangladesh, located in the South-eastern region of the country. The district was established in 1821 and named Noakhali in 1868. The name “Noakhali” originated from the terms “Noa” (New) and “Khal” (Canal). The name ‘Noakhali’ carries history of itself. Noakhali’s earlier name was ‘Bhulua’. Bhulua was part of […]

Netrokona District

Netrokona, the district on the eastern side of Brahmaputra stream is nothing but a district full of rich diversity and a long history to celebrate with an area of 2810 square kilometres. Different theoretical dissertations and reviews also revealed that this particular region appeared habitable when this specific territory arose from the womb of the […]

Natore District

Natore, popularly known for Chalan beel, one of the most renowned water bodies in Bangladesh and for having an area covering lowest annual rainfall of Bangladesh named Lalpur. In an area measuring 1896.05 square kilometers in Natore district, 1706673 people live peacefully and there are approximately 20000 people coming from different indigenous communities among them. […]