Chittagong Division

Chittagong division, the largest division of the eight administrative divisions of Bangladesh, the division with one world heritage (the longest sea beach globally), possesses eleven districts, Hundred and three sub-districts, and 986 Unions (The lowest administrative tier). Chittagong is considered “the economic capital” of the country.

Chittagong division also possesses two city corporations, fifty-nine parliamentary constituencies, and sixty-one municipalities. Chittagong division, formed in 1984, has been moving quite smoothly and doing exceptionally well with an area of 33772 square kilometers and a population of 24290384 with a male-female ratio chronologically 52.03%: 47.97%.

Chittagong division, as a consequence of the administrative decentralization, was formed in 1984, and the city corporation was established on 31st July 1990.

According to the most recent literacy statistics, the division managed to maintain a literacy rate of 52.09%.

Albeit affluent information is available about the origination of districts, there is no precise, determined, and meticulous r information about creating divisions of the country Bangladesh.

History shows that in 1829 first commissioner was appointed in the Bengal, at least in Dhaka and Chittagong divisions. And in each district, the formerly created collectors as their subordinates are called Deputy Commissioners, referred to as Deputy Commissioners in Bengal. It is believed that the journey of the Chittagong division started from that particular moment in 1829.

Chittagong division is standing tall and contributing to the country’s economy through the largest seaport of the country. And this is one of the thousand reasons reflecting why the divisional city is considered the economic capital of Bangladesh. Chittagong division is called the most influential business hub of the country as well.
Nature adorns this division with a little partiality. Every time you tend to visit the division, you will be witnessing the sign of beauty everywhere what will make you compelled to think that the real beauty lies in one’s within.

Prominent tourist places incorporate Bandarban’s flawless elegance, the extraordinary charm of Rangamati, Foye’s lake, Patenga beach, the rich flora and fauna of Chittagong that promotes diversity, Shrine of Bayzid Bostami, Baitul Fatah, and Chandapura mosque.

Chittagong division possesses a tribal cultural museum in the hill tracts of Chittagong that provides a vivid insight of the indigenous tribal people representing different ethnicities living happily and adoring the diversified culture.

Chittagong Division

District Area(km2) Population Established
Bandarban 4,479.01 388,335 1981
Brahmanbaria 1,881 2,840,498 1984
Chandpur 1,740.6 2,416,018 1984
Chittagong 5,282.92 7,616,352 1666
Comilla 3,087.33 296,010 1960
Cox’s Bazar 2,491.85 2,289,990 1984
Feni 928.34 1,437,371 1984
Khagrachari 2,749.16 613,917 1983
Lakshmipur 1,440.39 1,729,188 1984
Noakhali 1,643.70 1,907,497 1984
Rangamati 6,116.11 595,979 1983

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