Khulna Division

Khulna division, the land (divisional territory) of Mangrove, the land of white gold, the prestigious region suitable for the production of lobster, geographically is positioned at the south western part of Bangladesh and shares a border with the provincial state west Bengal of the neighboring country India. To be more specific, Khulna division shares it’s border with the North 24 pargana and south 24 pargana district of west Bengal.


Khulna Division, settled in 1960, is called the ‘gateway to the mangrove’ and  incorporates incredibly constructed  magical infrastructural beauties like sixty domed mosque and is blessed with the largest mangrove of the world  as well.


Khulna Division, formerly known as the divisional territory liable for the gargantuan contribution in the industrial economy of the country is still contributing through it’s exportable fish industry, shrimp and lobster production. Khulna has had a very remarkable history of newsprint and hardboard mills what used to provide paper to mitigate all the demands throughout the country and sadly those mills are closed at present.


Khulna division, which is located on the bank of Rupsha and Bhairab river, possesses 10 districts and 59 sub-districts and has been doing quite outstanding with 22,285 square Kilometers and a total population of 15,563,000. Khulna division is hedged on the north by Rajshahi division, on the east by Dhaka and Barisal division and on the south by the Bay of Bengal and the world heritage site Mangrove. Khulna division is nothing but a part of the Ganga river island or greater Bengal Delta.

The gold shrimp curry is quite a popular unique dish of this region. The roads in Khulna are spacious. The city has not yet been hit by traffic. However , one might  have  to struggle if wills to move to Jessore from Khulna  as the route leaves a lot to be desired.

Khulna Division

District Area(km2) Population Established
Bagerhat 5882.18 1,476,090 1984
Chuadanga 1174.10 1129015 1984
Jessore 2,606.94 2,764,547 1781
Jhenaidah 1964.77 1771304 1984
Khulna 4,389.11 2,318,527 1882
Kushtia 1608.80 2366811 1947
Magura 1048.61 918,419 1984
Meherpur 716.08 655392 1984
Narail 990.23 721,668 1984
Satkhira 3,858.33 2,079,884 1984

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