Barisal division

Barisal division, renowned as the granary of Bengal, is one of the peaceful and calm divisions of the country possessing approximately no embarrassment and troublesome Surroundings (environment) has been doing excessively well with an area of thirteen thousand and six hundred and forty-four (13,644.85) square kilometres and six districts with no railway communication.  The prestigious division Barisal possess thousands of attributes, but one of the well- known attributes is “The venice of Bengal”.

Along with the divisional district Barisal and five other adjoining districts, the greater Barisal territory was established on 1st January 1993 and from the same day, all the administrative activities started happening.

Barisal is one of the two divisions and the only division except for the divisional capital city with no border with any other country. Barisal division has been maintaining a high literacy rate since its inception as an administrative part. One of the country’s oldest educational institution Brojmohon college has been spreading lights of knowledge since its establishment in 1889.  Kuakata sandy beach( the daughter of the ocean), Durga Sagar (the mythical pond), Guthia mosque, Sher-e-Bangla relics and memoirs museum are the most remarkable and aesthetic places of interest existing in Barisal division.

“Paddy-crops- river and canal constructs a Barisal” is a slogan statement of the division what constitutes an essential hypothesis that this particular division Barisal undoubtedly is a liable administrative territory of the country contributing helping the country gaining the attribute of a riverine country.

Barisal previously was found as Bakerganj on 1797 following the regulation-7 with the intention of running activities smoothly of the amalgamated ancient Bakla-Chandrwadip region. And the Bakerganj (erstwhile divisional territory) was named after the influential landlord “Aga Baker Khan”. On 1st May 1801, sir john Shwar replaced the divisional district to Barisal. Hence, it got a new identity, “Barisal”. Later, it was pronounced a municipality in 1876. And in the divisional district, the administrative city corporation was established in 2002 and immediately it was ameliorated to a recognized city in 2003.

                               List of District of Barisal Division
District Area(km2) Population Established
Barguna 1939.39 892,781 1984
Barisal 2784.52 24,87,012 1797
Bhola 3737.21 1703117 1984
Jhalokathi 2784.52 6,82,669 1984
Patuakhali 3221.31 1535854 1969
Pirojpur 1307.61 11,13,256 1984

Written & Edited by Niaz Mahmud Sakib

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