Rangpur Division

Rangpur division, the 7th division of the total eight divisions of Bangladesh, possesses fifty eight sub-districts under eight administrative districts , an area of 16,185 square Kilometers and a population of 15,787,758 (according to both District census 2011 and Bangladesh population census 2011).

Rangpur division, especially all the administrative  activities of the existing territory of Rangpur division previously used to be operated under the administration of Rajshahi division as the existing Rangpur was formerly incorporated under Rajshahi administrative division. The Rangpur division was found on 25th January, 2010.


Rangpur division, the division of diversity has been doing excessively well with a male female ratio chronologically of 51.18%: 48.82% and different ethnic indigenous groups along with the Bengali speaking people.


Rangpur is home to more than five tribal groups. Remarkable indigenous tribes representing different ethnicity in the concerned division are Shaotal, Munda, Oraon, Rajbongshi and Koch. So far the religion is concerned most people from Rangpur  are Muslim and Hindu. Nonetheless, few of the people following Christianity  lives here as well.

Rangpur division, which geographically is positioned at the northern part of Bangladesh shares a border with two provinces (West Bengal and Assam) of the neighboring  country India.

Teesta barrage, Tin Bigha Corridor, Burimari port and different historical and non – historical architectural beauties are notable of Rangpur Division. Saidpur, Dinajpur, Rangpur and lalmonirhat are major city districts of the division. Main rivers of Rangpur division are as followed : Brahmaputra, Jamuna, Rawaba, Atrai, Tihar, Kortoa and Mohanonda.


Teesta barrage, the largest irrigation project of the country, is nowhere but on the river “Tihar” which is one of the main rivers of Rangpur division.

According to Bangladesh bureau of statistics census report 2011, the division managed to maintain a literacy rate of 47.95% (applicable only for the year 2011).

Interestingly, Rangpur division has approximately 18000 mosques, almost 3000 temples , 62 church, 35 Buddhist bihar and around 30 pagodas.

Rangpur Division

District Area(km2) Population Established
Dinajpur 3,444.30 2,990,128 1786
Gaibandha 2,179.27 2,430,627 1984
Kurigram 2,245.04 2,069,273 1984
Lalmonirhat 1,247.371 1,256,099 1984
Nilphamari 1,643.70 1,907,497 1984
Panchagarh 1,404.62 987,644 1984
Rangpur 2,400.56 2,996,336 1984
Thakurgaon 1,809.52 1,390,042 1984

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