Bhola District

Bhola is the only island district in the country lodged in the lower Gangetic basin known as and administered under the Bhola district administration. The present Bhola was once a subdivision of the more significant Barisal district. In 1854, the island Bhola was upgraded to a subdivision. And later on 1984, the subdivision Bhola was ameliorated to a district. Importantly, from 1845, Bhola Used to be administered Under Noakhali district. The original name of Bhola was South Shahbazpur.

Surrounded by rivers, the history and tradition of this town are approximately similar to that of all the other parts of greater Bengal. It is hedged by Lakshmipur and Barisal district to the north, surrounded by the Bay of Bengal to the south, by Lakshipur and Noakhali districts, the (lower) Meghna river basin and Shahbazpur Channel to the east, and by Patuakhali district and the Tetulia river to the west.

Bhola district possesses an area of 3737.21 square kilometres and geographically is positioned at in between 21°54” and 22°52” north latitudes and in between 90°34” and 91°01” east longitudes. Approximately, 400 million cubic feet natural gas has been found at Kachia  of Bhola what is more than enough to

empower a power station, and that’s happening.

Bhola district administration (infrastructure) has been doing great with seven sub-divisions, 68 Unions and four parliamentary constituencies.

There is still a story in vogue, a very conventional one, corresponding to the naming of Bhola. The Betua canal, which flows through stitching the chest of Bhola, was not as wide as it is now. It was once known as the Betua River. The river was mainly used for transportation, as well as for communication. An old man (“thub” )used to work as a boatman to help people cross the river, and his name was Bhola Gazi Patni. Near the present Yogi’sYogi’s Ghol, Bhola Gazi Patni had his abode, and this Bhola has popularly been claimed named after the Boatman Bhola Gazi.

Sweets of Ghoingar Hat and Ghosh’sGhosh’s curd of Bhola have still been serving all over the country with reputation. Salt was also a contributing component in enriching Bhola’sBhola’s economy in the past. Bhola is famous for its buffalo herds. There are more than 50 buffalo herds in different chars of Bhola. Hundreds of kilograms of milk are produced daily from these (bathans) and the famous buffalo curd, cheese and ghee are made from this milk. These are sent out of Bhola for sale throughout the country.

Following the legend of the area, the architecture of the mosque and the temple and various historical monuments, it can easily be perceived that the town was enlightened by the ray of civility not more than seven or eight hundred years ago. The history of Vidhyasundari, daughter of Maharaja Kandarpa Narayan and Dighi of Kamala Rani is in a whole plays a part in the folk culture of the region. The story of this dighi (large pond) is still extremely popular in the lowlands of distant Tamil Nadu. The distinct characteristic of this land is wherever your eyes find a blink to rest upon, the green fertile flat land and the blessings of Bay of Bengal and river Meghna and Tetulia appears.

According to the 2011 population consensus, Bhola consists of 1,70,31,17 people considering the population and possesses a literacy rate of 47% what is grossly inaccurate of 2016.

The isolated island of Monpura in Bhola was kept occupied by Portuguese pirates. Later people from different areas settled here. Here a famous breed of dog with long ears and full of hair used to live what now is extinct but still an asset to remember. Here are the ruins and dilapidations of a pagoda made by the Portuguese. In the countryside, there was a practice of playing dariyapalla, football, kabaddi and hadudu. These games are still performed. There was once a steamer wharf in the Kalghat area of ​​Bhola. Now that river is no more and became just mere memory.

At a glance Of  Bhola
1 Area 3737.21 Square Kilometer
2 Population Total: 1,70,31,17

Men: 884028

Women: 819089

3 Founding Year 1984
5 Literacy rate 47% (grossly inaccurate of 2016)
6 Postal code ‎8300


  • Adamdighi.
  • Char Fasson.
  • Tazumuddin.
  • Daulat Khan.
  • Burhanuddin.
  • Bhola Sadaar.
  • Manpura.
  • Lalmohon.

Tourist Spots

  • Monpura char.
  • Char Kukri mukri.
  • Deuli
  • Dhal Char.
  • Manpura landing station
  • Taruia Seabeach.
  • Sojib wazed Joy digital Park.
  • Sahabazpur gas Khetro.
  • Watch Tower (Jakob Tower).
  • Nizam-Hasina foundation Mosque.
  • Tulatuli

Highlighted Personalities

  • Mostofa Kamal (Bir sreshtho),freedom fighter in 1971.
  • Abdullah Al Islam Jakob [politician]
  • Mosharef Hossain Shahjahan.
  • Major Hafiz Uddin Ahmed, Bir Bikrom, politician.
  • Comrade Nalini Das, leader of British opposition movement.
  • Andalev Rahaman Partho, politician.
  • Tofail Ahmmed [politician]
  • Ulama Mawlana Naseer Ahmad Khan, 1925, Bhola Islamia Senior Madrasah

Written & Edited by Niaz Mahmud Sakib

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