Feni District

The district is located in the South-Eastern part of Bangladesh.The name “Feni” was derived from “Feni River”. The original name of the district was Shamshernagar.Feni was formed on 15 February, 1984. Feni served as a mahakuma under the district of Noakhali until 1984. Most historians believe that the area of this district is more ancient than the other areas of the greater Noakhali region. Many archaeological antiquities were found in this district which proves the claim. Maximum area of the greater Noakhali region was under water except Feni in ancient times.


Feni is the ninth-most populous district in Chittagong. The total population of the district is 1,496,138. Total number of male and female is 722,626 and 773,512 respectively.

It is an Administrative division of Chittagong . Feni city serves as the administrative hub of the district. The district consists of six sub-districts or upazilas. Sonagazi, Fulgazi, Parshuram, Daganbhuiyan, Chhagalnaiya and Feni Sadar are the six upazilas of the district. Feni River, Little Feni River, Muhuri River are the main water bodies of the district.


In terms of religion, majority of the people of this area are Muslim which is 78.70% of the total population. 21.14% are Hindus, 0.02% are Buddhists, 0.003% are Christians and 0.02% of population are others.The main occupations that are followed by the people of the district are agriculture & Foreign Remittance.


Like the other districts of Bangladesh Feni is also rich in terms of culture. The mentionable folk culture of the district include Poems, Khanar Bachan, Riddles, Folk Tale, Folk Belief, Marfati and Murshidi songs (related to sufism) in local dialect, Jatra, Mantra-tantra, Bhatiali, Rakhali. Besides, occasionally drama performances are also displayed in the district.

Khondoler Misti is the most famous food item of the district. This sweet is a different kind of Rosogolla which is also known as Khondoler Rosogolla. Mohammad Ali Chowdhury Mosque (built 700 years ago), Chandgazi Mosque (built 400 years ago) and Feni Government College Building (1822 AD), Bijoy Singh Dighi at Mohipal (1760) are the prime tourist spots of the district.

At a glance Feni
01 Area 928.34 sq. km.
02 Population 1,437,371
03 Founding Year 15 February 1984
03 Density 1,500/km2

(4,000/sq mi)

04 Literacy Rate 59.60%
05 Seats in the Parliament 3
Thanas 6
06 Postcode 3900
07 Sector in Liberation War


  • Chhagalnaiya Upazila
  • Daganbhuiyan Upazila
  • Feni Sadar Upazila
  • Fulgazi Upazila
  • Parshuram Upazila
  • Sonagazi Upazila


  • Feni River
  • Little Feni River
  • Matamuhuri


Khondoler misti

Interested Places

  • Mohammad Ali Chowdhury Mosque
  • Chandgazi Mosque
  • Government College Building (1822 AD)
  • Bijoy Singh Dighi at Mohipal (1760).

Famous Personalities

  • Abdus Salam (Bengali language movement protester)
  • Abdus Salam (editor)
  • Abul Kalam Azad Chowdhury (former Vice Chancellor of the University of Dhaka)
  • Anwarullah Chowdhury (Vice-chancellor of the University of Dhaka)
  • Aurangzeb Chowdhury (Chief of Navy)
  • Habibullah Bahar Chowdhury (first health minister of East Pakistan, one of the founders of Mohammedan Sporting Club, Kolkata)
  • Joynal Hazari (journalist)
  • Khaleda Zia (former prime minister of Bangladesh)
  • Mohammad Saifuddin (Bangladeshi cricketer)
  • Selim Al Deen (notable playwright and theater artist)
  • Selim Al Deen (writer)
  • Selina Parvin (writer and journalist)
  • Shahidullah Kaiser (novelist and journalist)
  • Shamsunnahar Mahmud (politician and educator)
  • Zahir Raihan (movie director and writer)

Written & edited by- Shaima Akter Sethu.

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