Khagrachari District

Khagrachari, also known as Chengmi, or Mong Circle, or Phalang Htaung in local dialect, is the home of nature and beauty. It is about 112 km away from the Chittagong town. According to Bangladesh Population Census 2011, total Population of the district is 6,13,917 containing 3,13,793 male and 300,124 female. Khagrachhari possesses 9 upazilas named Dighinala Upazila, Khagrachhari Upazila, Lakshmichhari Upazila, Mahalchhari Upazila, Manikchhari Upazila, Matiranga Upazila, Panchhari Upazila, Ramgarh Upazila and Guimara Upazila along with 3 Paurashava, 9 Thana, 38 Union, 122 Mauza, 27 Ward, 153 Mahalla and 1,702 Villages.


Khagrachari is the part of Chittagong Division located in South eastern Bangladesh. It is one of the three districts of Chittagong Hill Tracts region. The district headquarter is located on the mouth of the ‘Chengi’ stream Chengi means Chhara in local language of Khagrachari. The Chengi was full of Catkin plants which means ‘Khagra’ in local language. It is assumed that the district might have derived its name Khagrachari from the above two words ‘Khagra’ and ‘Chhara’.


Khagrachari is one of the most naturally rich area with valleys, hills, forests, water-falls , the life of inhabitants and spectacular landscapes in Bangladesh. Indigenous communities such as Tipra/Tripuri(Tripura), Rakhaine, Chakma, Marma and Tanchangya belong to this district along with Bangalees. People of the area followed different religions. The census of 2011 shows that 3,82,849 Muslims, 89,102 Hindus, 1,39,603 Buddhistss, 2157 Christians and 207 of other religions stay together in the district.


Beauty Lies in Diversity is the motto of the district. Alotila(mysterious cave), Risang falls, Dhiginala, MarissaPanichari Buddha Sculpture, Dighinala Touduchari Waterfall, Sajek and Marissa Valley, Nunchari Debota Pond, Banyan Tree more than Hundred Years Old, Mong King’s Palace,Manikchari, Ramgarh Lake, Sindukchari Pond, JolPahar Matiranga are most famous and most visited tourist spots among many. Beside all this, there are so many places to explore. Tourism business is not very much organized in this country not by government and private sector and if it develop sometime khagrachari will acclaim exorbitant love from worldwide tourists.


Khagrachari is called the city of vallyes. Crisscrossed by three rivers named as Chengi, Maini and Feni, the undulating landscape of this harbour offers up some unique charms. Chengi is the longest river in Khagrachhari. Notable hill ranges of the area are Golamoon, Chotto Panchari, Karmi Mura, Lutiban, Kuradia, Bhanga Mura, Jopisil. A local four wheeled jeep called Chander Gari is a popular transport used in the hill area of the district. This vehicle is very popular among the tourists. Khagrachhari is also very famous for orange and turmeric.

At a glance of  Khagrachari
01 Area 2,749.16 km2

(1,061.46 sq mi)

02 Population Total: 613,917

Men: 3,13,793

Women: 300,124

03 Founding Year 7 November  1983
03 Density 220/km2

(580/sq mi)

04 Literacy Rate 46.1%
05 Seats in the Parliament 1
06 Postcode 4400
Thanks  9
07 Sector in Liberation War


  • Dighinala Upazila
  • Khagrachhari Upazila
  • Lakshmichhari Upazila
  • Mahalchhari Upazila
  • Manikchhari Upazila
  • Matiranga Upazila
  • Panchhari Upazila
  • Ramgarh Upazila
  • Guimara Upazila

Notable places

  • Alutila Hill
  • Richhang Waterfall
  • KHDC Horticulture Park
  • Dighinala Maniker Dighi
  • Yonged Buddha Bihar
  • Alutila Cave
  • Panichari Buddha Sculpture
  • Dighinala Touduchari Waterfall
  • Sajek and Marissa Valley
  • Nunchari Debota Pond
  • Banyan Tree more than Hundred Years Old
  • Mong King’s Palace,Manikchari
  • Ramgarh Lake/
  • Sindukchari Pond
  • JolPahar Matiranga
  • Parjatan Motel
  • Lakshmichari Waterfall
  • Matai Pukhiri
  • Sapachari Waterfall
  • Agriculture Research Centre

Highlighted Personalities

  • Kujendra Lal Tripura
  • Naba Bikram Kishore Tripura
  • Jatindra Laal Tripura

Written & Edited by Shaima Akter Sethu.

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