Sherpur District

Sherpur, a portion of the present Mymensingh division which was ameliorated to a district on February 20, 1984, from a subdivision of Jamalpur district and geographically is positioned in between 24°18′ and 25°18′ north latitudes and in between 89° 53′ and 90° 91′ east longitudes and ringed by the Meghalaya (Indian province struggling for independence […]

Chapainawabganj District

Chapainawabganj, mostly renowned as a city of mangoes, is located on the north western part of Bangladesh under Rajshahi division. It covers an area of 1702.55 square kilometres with 16, 47,521 people according to the census of 2011. The district is surrounded by Malda of India from North, by Murshidabad of India from West, by […]

Bagerhat District

Bagerhat is a district in the south-western part of Bangladesh under the jurisdiction of Khulna division. The district lies in between 21°49′ and 22°59′ north latitudes and in between 89°32′ and 89°98′ east longitudes. Bagerhat is bounded by Gopalgonj and Narail districts on the north, Bay of Bengal on the south, Gopalganj, Pirojpur and Barguna districts on […]

Rajshahi District

Rajshahi, also known as silk city for silk production and education city of Bangladesh for its highest literacy rate is situated at the North-Western part of Bangladesh and on the southern bank of one of the biggest rivers of Bangladesh, Padma. It consists of an area of about 2407.01 square kilometres including the Barind Tract, […]

Khagrachari District

Khagrachari, also known as Chengmi, or Mong Circle, or Phalang Htaung in local dialect, is the home of nature and beauty. It is about 112 km away from the Chittagong town. According to Bangladesh Population Census 2011, total Population of the district is 6,13,917 containing 3,13,793 male and 300,124 female. Khagrachhari possesses 9 upazilas named […]

মেরী কুরী

১৮৬৭ সালে ৭ ই নভেম্বর ওযরশতে জন্ম গ্রহন করেন। বাবা ক্লোদোভস্কা ছিলেন কৃষক পরিবারের সন্তান। কিন্তু তার নিজের চেষ্টায় উচ্চ শিক্ষা গ্রহন করে তিনি হাই স্কুলের পদার্থ বিদ্যার অধ্যাপক হয়। মেরির মা ছিলেন একটি মেয়েদের স্কুলের প্রধান শিক্ষিকা। এছাড়া খুব ভালো পিয়ানো বাজাতেন। চার বোনের মধ্য মেরী ছিলেন ছোট। তিনি ছিলেন পড়াশোনায় খুব মনযোগী। স্কুলের […]

Barguna District

Barguna is a district under the Barisal division located in the southern part of Bangladesh.  Barguna was first found as only a subdivision of Patuakhali district in 1969. On 15 Falgun 1369 BS (1984), approximately all the subdivisions of the country(Bangladesh) were ameliorated to districts, and that’s what spearheaded Barguna’s appearance as a district in […]